Balsam bashing at MSSL

We’re going balsam bashing on Saturday morning, 8th June.  This will be in Dekens field, belonging to Mullard Space Science Laboratory, which is half way up Holmbury Hill.   Dekens field is a prime site for wild flowers, but also Himalayan Balsam.  This plant is an invasive species that needs to be removed regularly before it spreads.  To remove balsam it is best to simply pull it out, if you can get to it!  At the lab the balsam is surrounded by quite uneven ground, where machinery cannot get to it.  
Alice (who works there) has asked if LEAP could help pull up the balsam.  We will be there along with couple of her colleagues at 10am on Saturday.
Map from Ewhurst to the lab
Three Mile Road (also known as Holmbury Road) up to the MSSL is supposed to be closed, and it has temporary signs where it meets Ockley Road. Ignore the signs, but drive or cycle very, very slowly around the potholes approaching the MSSL bottom gate, where we will let you through the barrier.  If the gate is padlocked, please keep going round to the top gate.  One of us will be at the barrier to let people in from 9:45-10 o’clock.  
Please wear sturdy footwear, gloves, long trousers and sleeves in case of prickles and nettles.  We’ll bring coffee for a break at 11, and finish at mid-day.  
All the best,

Shared foot and cycle path to Cranleigh

There was a good number of us litter picking last month – we had enough litter to fill the expanded boot of an estate car!  Cranleigh dump was a little sceptical, but were persuaded to allow Alice and me to dump it all there.  Thanks to all who helped picking!

At the annual Parish Meeting Michael Higgins, our Waverley councillor, came up to me to thank LEAP for all its work.  The Parish Council have always been generous to LEAP, and it is good to know we are appreciated by the Borough too.

Next Saturday I cannot help much with the working party, but James has suggested clearing our part of the combined foot and cycle path between Ewhurst and Cranleigh.  The path needs overhanging twigs cutting back, and the path scraped back to its full width.  This will allow pedestrians and cyclist to pass more safely.  Only about one third (300m) of the full path is in our Parish, which should be plenty to keep busy for two hours.

Please meet at the bottom of the hill out of Ewhurst towards Cranleigh, at 10am this coming Saturday, 11th May.  James and I will have the LEAP tools, but please bring your own spades or shovels. I will come back again at 11 with coffee and biscuits, and help collect the tools at midday.

All the best,

LEAP Litter pick

Thank you to everyone who helped with a very successful footpath clearing last month. We can’t do footpath clearing this month because we must not disturb nesting birds, so we will have a litter picking morning instead.  

LEAP has litter pickers, high viz vests and bags, coffee and biscuits.  It is pouring with rain at the moment, so all we need on the day is better weather.  Plus of course some volunteers.

We are very lucky that the village itself is kept very clean and tidy, but some of the roads further into the Parish need work. I have some places in mind, but if you know somewhere that needs litter picking please tell me.  We’ll meet at the usual place, the Village Hall car park, at 10am on Saturday (13th April).  We will then split up into groups of at least two, and meet again at midday in the car park where we can have coffee and biscuits.


Widening a footpath near Ewhurst Green

It is not yet spring (depending how you view it) so we will be widening another footpath while we can. This time it will be FP440, on the boundary between Parliament Farm and Old House, South of the village.
If you’d like to come, we will be meeting on Ewhurst Green at 10 o’clock on Saturday (9th March), and walking there.  Or you can find your own way!  The path is very muddy but the weather is looking good for Saturday morning.
I’ll have the LEAP tools, but use your own shears, loppers or secateurs if you prefer.  
We’ll have a break for coffee and finish at midday as usual.


Cobbler’s Brook path

Despite the mud, the team that helped last month made quite a difference to the two footpaths tackled.  A lot of people use the paths from Wykehurst Lane to Coneyhurst Lane, so thank you.  We have another footpath that need widening: FP428 alongside Cobblers Brook and Bramblehurst Farm.

Unfortunately I cannot be with you, but Alice will show you the path. She will also have the LEAP tools to collect from outside our house before she leaves. If you want to borrow secateurs, loppers or a bowsaw please come to Leabrook, Mapledrakes Road. I’ve marked it on the map. Alice will set off from Leabrook at 10am this Saturday 9th February, and will finish at midday.

I have been sent a message from Chris Westbrook in Ellens Green, asking if anyone would like to help out at this year’s Ellens Green communal litter pick, which will be held on Saturday, the 23rd of March. If you are interested please email me and I will pass on the details.

All the best

Ewhurst LEAP in 2023


As usual, we were busy in 2023.  The highlights included:

  • Clearing footpaths
  • The Carnival
  • Footpath Survey
  • The Big Help Out, with tree planting and litter picking
  • Tidying the pond by the Village Hall
  • A grant for first aid training for 2 people

Some photos of these can be seen in our Image Gallery.

The committee would like to thank all those who came and helped at these events, and wish you all a happy and successful 2024.

This coming year we are going to trial having the working parties on the second Saturday of the month.  The next one will be on Saturday 13th January – I’ll send out a message about it in the previous week.

All the best,

Finish tidying the pond

The weather is looking good for Saturday, and we we will finish tidying the pond by the Village Hall car park. It was lovely to have three new people join our working party earlier this month. Two of us actually went into the pond (yes, the LEAP waders are still very waterproof) but on Saturday we will be mainly taking the clippings, and all we heaved out of the pond, to the compost heap.

We will meet at the pond at 10am on 2nd December, and finish at mid-day. We will need wheelbarrows again, if possible. Garden forks and shears would be useful too although we have some spare.

For a trial period in the New Year we are going to change the LEAP working parties to the second Saturday of the month – some people at the Carnival mentioned it was better for them, and those I have spoken to at the working parties said it was not an issue for them.

Rescheduled – Village Hall car park pond

The weather for this Saturday is looking much better than last week!  As a reminder we are planning to go into the pond by the Village Hall car park. We hope that a few of us can don the waders to pull out as much growth as possible from one end of the pond. There’s plenty of work needed on the sides of the pond for the rest of us.

We’ll meet at 10am on Saturday (11th November) at the Village Hall car park.  We’ll finish at 12 and have a break at around 11 for coffee and biscuits.  It doesn’t look like it will be raining, but please wear wellies for the mud.  If you have a wheelbarrow please bring it to help move the clippings.

Village Hall car park pond

Some amazing work was done last month – the Yard Farm to Westland Farm footpath, FP435 is now completely cleared!  Here are some the happy crew at the end of the overgrown path.

This Saturday we are planning to go into the pond by the Village Hall car park.  The weather is not looking promising, so I may have to cancel it at the last minute – please look out for an email from us in the morning.  

We hope that a few of us can don the waders (and they are still waterproof) to pull out as much growth as possible from one end of the pond.  We’ll leave most of the pond untouched for the wildlife.  There’s plenty of work needed on the sides of the pond for the rest of us.

We’ll meet at 10am on Saturday (4th November) at the Village Hall car park.  We’ll finish at 12 and have a break at around 11 for coffee and biscuits.  Please wear waterproofs for the weather and wellies for the mud.  If you have a wheelbarrow please bring it to help move the clippings.

Footpath clearing, Yard Farm to Westland Farm

From 10am on Saturday (7th October) we will be clearing the little-used, but very nice footpath from Yard Farm to Westland Farm, FP435.  It has some new trees growing along it, but is very overgrown.

If you’d like to come please find your own way there or meet at the letter box at Williams Place on The Street before 10 o’clock and we will walk together.  It will take about 10 minutes to get there, perhaps a little longer with a full wheelbarrow!

We have some equipment for clearing paths (loppers, shears and secateurs) but please bring your own if you prefer.  Alice and I will bring coffee and biscuits for a break. We should finish as usual by midday.
Richard and I attended an outdoor First Aid course earlier this week.  Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the second day but Richard did.  We can thank the Surrey Climate Commission for covering the cost.