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LEAP promotes local and community-led ambition on:

Zero carbon. To stabilise the climate and stay below the internationally agreed limit of keeping global temperatures within 2C of pre-industrial levels, the UK must rapidly move away from fossil fuels such as oil and gas, by reducing energy use and making more use of renewables.

Prudent use of natural resources. Renewable resources, such as water, land and biodiversity, should be used in ways that do not endanger the resource or cause serious damage or pollution.

Effective protection of the environment. We must act to limit global environmental threats, such as climate change; to protect human health and safety from hazards such as poor air quality and toxic chemicals; and to protect things which people need or value, such as wildlife, landscapes and historic buildings.

Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone. Our needs must not be met by treating others, including future generations and people elsewhere in the world, unfairly.

We believe that everyone in the village can take practical steps to help turn these ideas into reality. If you would like to see Ewhurst develop “sustainably”, please come and join us. If you have ideas for other projects that the group could develop we’d love to hear them.


What can I do straight away?

  • Campaign for climate action
  • Stop flying
  • Give up eating meat, or reduce to around 200g per person per week, (preferably grass-fed, free range)
  • Reduce car use – try public transport, cycling or walking instead
  • Move investments/pensions to ethical funds (most funds support fossil fuels)
  • Only heat the rooms in your house that you live in
  • Think before buying new stuff. Do you really need it? Could you get it second hand (or find it at Ewhurst Recycling Day?)
  • Leave room for wildlife in your garden, such as a patch of longer grass, a pond, a log pile
  • Plant trees
  • Grow your own food (apply for an allotment if you don’t have a garden)
  • Save water in water butts and use instead of a hose for watering
  • If you need to get a new appliance, choose the most efficient

In the longer term (when you’ve saved up!):

  • Get your house well insulated
  • Next time you need to replace your car get an electric one – or if possible manage without.
  • Get a solar water heater and solar PV on your roof.

Other ideas:

  • Use peat-free compost for your garden
  • Turn things off rather than using standby (e.g. turn m/wave off at the wall)
  • Put a Hippo in your toilet cistern, or get a low-flush toilet
  • Buy products with less packaging
  • Shop locally and use locally made and grown products
  • Combine the last two by having a local vegetable box delivered.
  • Use your own bags when shopping.
  • Use low energy light bulbs

Help us by joining LEAP events! Share your thoughts and ideas on what we could be doing to improve the future for our children.

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