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  • Ewhurst Recycling days (previously Clear Out Days), a very popular annual event, encouraging people to share rather than bin their unwanted things.
  • Joining Ewhurst Carnival with a stall handing out wildflower seeds, along with a competition and/or book swap.
  • Regular footpath or pond clearing working parties on first Saturdays of the month.
  • “Richard’s Rambles” – read Richard’s wonderfully evocative articles.
  • Involving all ages in litter picking around the village and Recreation Ground.
  • Occasional talks to raise awareness of environmental concerns.

Recycling day (previously Clear Out Day)

An annual swapping event, usually held on a July morning (~9am to ~11am), in which people from the village bring unwanted but still usable things to the recreation ground. If someone sees something they want, they can take it away for free! It’s almost that simple. The group of LEAP organisers clear up the relatively few items left at the end. These are mostly taken for recycling or to charity shops.

For technical and legal reasons we cannot accept electrical, dangerous or large items, but these can be advertised in the gazebo.

Sadly this year (2020) we could not hold a Recycling day, next year it should still happen, in July, as always.

Clear Out On-Line. 

If you want to reuse or give away items between Recycling Days, we recommend that residents use FreelyWheely – a simple process where you register your email address and your postcode. It will advertise your items (for free!) and list local items for free collection. You can select how far away you want to search for items too, from 10 miles to the whole country!

Wildflower Seeds – Seed giveaway!

At the last Ewhurst Village Carnival we gave out packets of wildflower seeds for your lawn! The 10g of seeds in the packet should cover an area of about 2 square metres. Just for fun, look at the seeds with a magnifying glass and see the wonderful variety of shapes and sizes.

Use the packet when you get home, or wait until the Autumn. The later you sow the less chance the seeds will be eaten by birds!
Sprinkle evenly over your selected patch bare ground.
The flowers should start to appear in the late spring. In autumn, cut or mow your wildflowers and leave the cuttings on the grass for a couple of weeks to allow the seeds to drop through to the soil. Then take away the cuttings and mow until winter. It is important to also take away all mowings because wildflowers prefer poor soil. It may take a couple of years before you get the best display.

See how the seeds brightened up a Ewhurst verge in the blog about the Mapledrakes Road wildflower verge.

Footpath and Pond Clearance

We have regular working parties to tidy up and widen overgrown rural footpaths in the parish, or sometimes to work on the village pond. If you’d like to join in or if you find paths that need work please contact us (