Solar Streets in Ewhurst and Cranleigh?

It won’t have escaped your notice that electricity prices are rocketing, but have you thought about generating your own? If you install solar panels on your roof, any electricity it generates you can use for free! There has never been a better time!

Solar Streets plan to offer solar PV panels to our community. By targeting a small area they can do the installations more economically. The installer (IDDEA) is well-established and has worked with more than a dozen Solar Streets groups.

LEAP and Cranleigh Climate Action hope that many of you will take up the opportunity to combat climate change by installing panels, generating renewable, zero-carbon electricity and reducing the burning of fossil fuels – much better for the planet.

To find out more keep your eyes on the LEAP website.


It’s almost the end of January and a stunningly beautiful day with warm sunshine, blue sky and 9ÂșC. OK there is a fierce wind blowing, but what a contrast to last week when we couldn’t stir from the house without longjohns, thermal vests and thick coats.

We’ve just completed the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Many fewer birds than last week when they were all flocking to our feeders because food was so scarce in the snow and ice. But we did have an unexpected visitor: a Gold Crest! Such a tiny round little bird with a beautiful streak of gold on its head. What a treat! I could hardly believe my luck that it called in within the birdwatch hour, right in the middle of Ewhurst.

We used to have lots of jackdaws fighting over crusts in the back garden, but nowadays they seem to have given way to the pigeon, who seems to be able to convince any bird that it is bigger and stronger than they are! It’s all bravado, but the other birds give way to it, even crows.

Did you take part in the birdwatch? If you enjoyed it you might like to join the BTO’s version that you can do any time.