Balsam bashing at MSSL

We’re going balsam bashing on Saturday morning, 8th June.  This will be in Dekens field, belonging to Mullard Space Science Laboratory, which is half way up Holmbury Hill.   Dekens field is a prime site for wild flowers, but also Himalayan Balsam.  This plant is an invasive species that needs to be removed regularly before it spreads.  To remove balsam it is best to simply pull it out, if you can get to it!  At the lab the balsam is surrounded by quite uneven ground, where machinery cannot get to it.  
Alice (who works there) has asked if LEAP could help pull up the balsam.  We will be there along with couple of her colleagues at 10am on Saturday.
Map from Ewhurst to the lab
Three Mile Road (also known as Holmbury Road) up to the MSSL is supposed to be closed, and it has temporary signs where it meets Ockley Road. Ignore the signs, but drive or cycle very, very slowly around the potholes approaching the MSSL bottom gate, where we will let you through the barrier.  If the gate is padlocked, please keep going round to the top gate.  One of us will be at the barrier to let people in from 9:45-10 o’clock.  
Please wear sturdy footwear, gloves, long trousers and sleeves in case of prickles and nettles.  We’ll bring coffee for a break at 11, and finish at mid-day.  
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