LEAP Litter pick

Thank you to everyone who helped with a very successful footpath clearing last month. We can’t do footpath clearing this month because we must not disturb nesting birds, so we will have a litter picking morning instead.  

LEAP has litter pickers, high viz vests and bags, coffee and biscuits.  It is pouring with rain at the moment, so all we need on the day is better weather.  Plus of course some volunteers.

We are very lucky that the village itself is kept very clean and tidy, but some of the roads further into the Parish need work. I have some places in mind, but if you know somewhere that needs litter picking please tell me.  We’ll meet at the usual place, the Village Hall car park, at 10am on Saturday (13th April).  We will then split up into groups of at least two, and meet again at midday in the car park where we can have coffee and biscuits.


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