Footpath clearing, Yard Farm to Westland Farm

From 10am on Saturday (7th October) we will be clearing the little-used, but very nice footpath from Yard Farm to Westland Farm, FP435.  It has some new trees growing along it, but is very overgrown.

If you’d like to come please find your own way there or meet at the letter box at Williams Place on The Street before 10 o’clock and we will walk together.  It will take about 10 minutes to get there, perhaps a little longer with a full wheelbarrow!

We have some equipment for clearing paths (loppers, shears and secateurs) but please bring your own if you prefer.  Alice and I will bring coffee and biscuits for a break. We should finish as usual by midday.
Richard and I attended an outdoor First Aid course earlier this week.  Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the second day but Richard did.  We can thank the Surrey Climate Commission for covering the cost.


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