A successful Bring and Take Morning

Firstly I would like to thank all our Ewhurst LEAP volunteers for helping on Sunday Morning. It was great to see so may volunteers, and to have all the help we needed. We would also like to thank the Parish Council for allowing us to use the rec.

The morning had been advertised with two banners and quite a few A4 posters dotted around the Village. The lettering on the banners was too small for fast traffic to read, we will have bigger lettering next time! More successful advertising was on Facebook via the Ewhurst Community Board. The beautiful weather also encouraged a lot of people to come over.

A small group of us arrived at just before 9am, with the the gazebo and sail flag collected from the LEAP hut. Fortunately the only ‘fly tipping’ we found already deposited was some clothes. The morning proper started with a full team of volunteers before 10am. Cars started arriving soon afterwards, in fact so many arrived that we had a few people directing traffic up and down Broomers lane. It is so dry that we allowed parking on the rec as well as the usual car park and basketball play area.

Leslie Wood held the Hort Soc plant swap near the flag pole. I saw quite a few plants coming and going.

The Bring and Take items were placed towards the EYSC, and the cars parked towards the tennis courts. No electrical items were allowed, or brought, and only small items of furniture.

We don’t allow deliveries any after 11:30, and a large wicker basket was deposited just before this time. It was taken straight away by a happy onlooker. Of the many other items taken, I noticed a petrol strimmer and lawn mower. Compared with how much stuff was brought down, there was very little left at the end. Trasna kindly offered to take the books to a charity shop. A commercial clearance van is being organised to collect the material left in the rec in a day or two.

Alice and I are now the happy owners of some champagne glasses, spare wellies and baskets for pond plants!

There are some pictures on the LEAP image gallery.

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