Village Pond 2021

As we do most years the pond by the Village Hall car park had its clear-out over the last couple of Working Party sessions. Because it had very little attention last year we had a lot to do, but still managed a huge amount. Fortunately the weather was good (not too hot, cold or wet) on both Saturdays.

It is important to leave a lot of material in situ for the wildlife, so we can only clear up to one half of the pond itself. Next year we will clear a different section. The surrounds were almost completely cleared, but still leaving a lot ground cover.

All material dragged out of the pond has been left near the edges, to let any creatures crawl back in. We will move this at a later date, when it has dried out a bit and isn’t quite so heavy.

I have some pictures of our efforts below.

It was quite a mess before we started
The team hard at work
Val and Eddie (wearing LEAP’s new waders)
Clearing up. At least we can see the water now!
Deliberately leaving the stuff pulled and dragged out of the pond. These will be picked up later.

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