Ewhurst LEAP tree survey

Many thanks to all those that took part in this tree survey on 2nd January 2021.

For the survey we had four groups of people (maintaining social distancing) making various tree measurements and photos in the village and Ewhurst Green, to add to Treezilla. This is a “citizen science project that is aiming to encourage members of the public, local authorities, business, local groups and other organisations to collaborate in mapping, measuring and monitoring trees across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland”.

Treezilla measures the “eco-benefits” of the trees as they are added. On the day we could only measure a small fraction of the trees in the village but the numbers are still impressive. The measured trees give an annual saving of £3,840. Just imagine what benefits all the trees in parish are giving!

Eco-BenefitsAmountYearly savings
Avoided runoff28 m3/yr£28
CO2 stored53,200 kg£3,352
CO2 removed1,046 kg/yr£66
Water intercepted172 m3/yr£222
Air quality improved2,877 g/yr£172
This is for just the 41 trees measured in Ewhurst! There are of course many more.

Here are a before and after map of the village with all the measured trees marked.

Before the LEAP survey.

As you can see below, we have added many more trees!

After the LEAP tree survey

Alice prepared a pack of information and a form to fill in for each tree we surveyed. These are available on the LEAP website. If you want to download them and add more trees, please do. They can be any trees not already measured, even those in your own gardens. Please email completed forms and photos to mail@ewhurstleap.org.uk. Even better you can add trees directly into the Treezilla website or mobile app yourself.

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