Litter Pick and Cemetery Tidying

I hope you are all well.  Despite the lock-down, at the beginning of this month a few of us from Ewhurst LEAP, and a larger number from Ellen’s Green, went litter picking for our weekend exercise.  We did not meet each other, but coordinated which roads were done.  Around Ewhurst these included the Shere, Peaslake, Holmbury and Ockley Roads, and the Ellen’s Green group did quite a few more.

Next month (in fact on Saturday 2nd May) Joanna has suggested that we clear up around the graves in the Civil Parish cemetery behind the Village Hall car park.  We should be able to do this and keep well apart.  Unfortunately you will have to bring your snacks and coffee with you.  It would also be better if you bring your own tools, and that we spread ourselves over the whole of Saturday.  If you want to borrow the (uncontaminated) LEAP tools I will be there with them at 10am.

If I don’t see you then, I wish you all safe and well for the rest of May.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything LEAP can help with, either personally or for the Village as a whole.

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