Footpath survey and litter pick

On Saturday (7th April) we will be doing a footpath survey around Ewhurst and cleaning up any litter that we find. I will hand out maps of the footpaths as usual and bags/litterpickers too.

Last weekend the Ellens Green litterpickers were out – but the weather could have been better. I hope they didn’t find too much! The weather for us this weekend doesn’t look bad at the moment, but the ground will be wet. We will not be checking any roads, only public footpaths and pavements next to roads. If a fair number of people turn up, we’ll check some other public areas too, such as the Ewhurst Rec.

In May we will be entering a ‘LEAP team’ for the Defeat Dementia Walk on Sunday 20th. It costs £20 per person to enter, less for children. You can subsidise the entry fee by being sponsored. Please reply to me if you will be joining our team.

Back to Saturday – we’ll meet at the Village Hall car park at 10am. We’ll have some coffee and snacks back at the car park at mid-day, where we will collect the bags of litter too.

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