January 2018

Happy New Year to all our volunteers

A brief look at the last year and we were quite busy – with various footpaths as well as the pond in the village centre, but not forgetting Clear Out day. This year we might be part of the Carnival, do more footpaths, and sometime after the July we will do the pond again. We have also been asked to look at the pond in Ewhurst Green; to me it looks too big but perhaps we can organise something.

On this Saturday 6th January we will continue with the path we started last time. The footpath from Ockley Road, just outside the village entrance, towards Bramblehurst Farm – FP428. In fact this continues as a bridleway (BW427) that we cleared a few years ago but needs some help again.

As last time, we will meet outside my house just before 10am and walk from here. I’ll have the LEAP tools, some snacks and coffee; we’ll finish at midday as usual. If you have any please bring your own tools too.

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