Paths west of Ewhurst Green

I hope you had a nice summer! It seems a long time now since July, when we were busy with the Clear Out Day. Many thanks to all who helped make it a successful event.

For our 2nd September working party, we will be tidying the paths in Ewhurst Green, to the west of the main road towards Old House and Slythehurst. These are FP371, FP440 and FP439, which were identified as needing some ‘help’ in our survey earlier this year.

I cannot come this weekend, but Alice will be on hand with Claire, Jean and the others with tools and sustenance! Please bring your own gloves (and tools if you want). If coming by car I suggest you park beside the Cricket Green on the main Road. Alice will be there at 10am; the plan is to finish at mid-day.

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