Footpath Survey

Next Saturday (3rd of June) we will be surveying the Ewhurst Footpaths. It’s been some time since we did the last survey, so it would be good to see what has improved. I have to admit though that the paths around the village are generally in excellent condition … when dry!

On the first Saturday in July we will have our annual Clear Out Day, where anyone from the parish can leave things they no longer want, with some restrictions, and others can take them away. More details will follow, and we will be dropping leaflets throughout the village a week or two beforehand.

In the mean time I look forward to seeing you on Saturday – please bring a clip-board and pencil. I will have maps of the areas to be surveyed, but bring your own if you prefer. We will meet at The Street car park, opposite the Village Hall at 10am. We’ll then split into four or more groups and meet back at the car park for coffee and nibbles at mid-day.

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