The other path

Next Saturday Ewhurst LEAP will be widening the other path from Wykehurst Lane to Coneyhurst Lane (FP512). It is getting narrow in a few places, and there has been some interest in making this path wheelchair friendly. We can make sure it is wide enough at least!

Towards the end of the month we might be helping with a litter pick in Ellen’s Green, meeting up with others coming up from Cox Green. If we do, then it will be instead of our April working party. I have also been asked to mention that the Ewhurst School governors have asked us to make up a team and join them for a fundraising fun quiz and silent auction on the evening of Friday 31st March. If you would like to reserve a table please email the governors at

I hope to see you on the 4th of March, 10-12am as usual, in Wykehurst Lane. Again there is only limited parking (at the bottom of Shippen Hill) so please walk, cycle or share a lift if you can.

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