Summer in Ewhurst

A slow start to the summer, however it appears that it is now finally on its way and the British countryside is at its best. Due to the prolonged dry (albeit cold weather) most of the footpaths are lovely and dry – great for dog walking, no muddy boots, and no muddy dogs to wash down!

Beautiful long, light days are a perfect opportunity for getting out and about in the village. As always Leap have been busy keeping an eye on footpaths around the village, and on a monthly basis dedicating a couple of hours for trimming back any identified over grown paths. New volunteers are always welcome to join these mornings, which normally take place on the first Saturday of the month 10am-12pm – please do keep an eye on the Leap website for all details.

The village was very lucky once again to have the Ewhurst Secret Gardens open for all to enjoy. This was a wonderful weekend of magnificent gardens of various sizes and designs – such hard work and dedication must go into this annual event, making it one of the highlights on the events calendar.

Next up on the village events calendar is the Ewhurst ‘Clear Out Day’ on Saturday 4th July – the perfect opportunity for sorting out dusty corners of sheds and garages for any unwanted items that others may wish to find use for and enjoy! More details will follow shortly on the website.

Enjoy the Summer!

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