Solar Streets

Save on your Electric Bill – halt Climate Change – build a Community Fund

Cranleigh and Ewhurst Solar Streets* is a discounted Solar PV Scheme.  It is designed to bring affordable solar panels to your community so you can be instrumental in halting climate change and become carbon neutral by 2030.  It also builds a Community Fund to be used for green issues by donating £50 to the fund for every Residential Installation and £100 for a Commercial Installation. 

*The offer is open to all the villages in the surrounding area 

Solar Streets started out in Frome in 2018 when the local Council declared a Climate Emergency and wanted to see if they could band their residents together to get a discounted solar scheme.  IDDEA, a solar company operating since 2007, came up with the best scheme and added a community fund benefit.  The Frome campaign was very successful and, as well as saving residents money and carbon, also paid for half of the cost of installing solar panels on the local Youth Club with the Community Fund.

Since then, Solar Streets has grown and is currently running over 20 schemes across the South of England, including High Wycombe, Henley-on-Thames, Wells, Didcot, Brue Valley, and Swanage, with several other schemes coming on board in the next few months. 

Why is the scheme so successful?  It’s simple really: people want to be greener; solar panels are cheaper and more powerful; electricity prices increase every year and demand will skyrocket as we replace fossil fuels and change to electric cars; so, it feels good to be a little more self-sufficient.

There is a website with full information at

Author:  Cat Noble, The Green Group (UK) Limited

UPDATE: Solar Streets (and Ewhurst LEAP) were at the Cranleigh Eco Festival, Saturday 23rd April