We’re back and making a meadow!

Dear All,

We have a few plans for LEAP this autumn, and I hope I can welcome you all back with a (socially distanced) working party this weekend!

Whether or not you are able to join us, Alice and her sisters have started a scheme to make us all think about our environment. Simply stop everything for a minute once a week: #11thHourForClimate – see tinyurl.com/y5tq8svh

Earlier this year we managed a litter pick and cemetery tidy, but now they seem ages ago. Some time before that I mentioned we had been allowed, encouraged even, to make a wildflower meadow behind the pond in the centre of the village. The coronavirus stopped us, but with guidance we can minimise the risk.

On Saturday (5th September) we will prepare the ground for a wildflower meadow by putting up a small fence delimiting the meadow, and creating patches for spreading wildflower seeds.

Please come and join us, we’ll meet at 10am in the car park opposite the village hall. We cannot share tools, so please bring a spade for digging up small patches of turf. These can then be turned over and spread with LEAP wildflower seeds. Unlike many wildflower seeds, these are specially for fertile soil, and will hopefully make a splash of colour next year.

To make the fence we will use willow pollarded from the tree by the pond. James will bring some hazel stakes and we can weave the willow between them.

Unfortunately we can’t provide drinks or snacks either but we will take a break. Please bring your own.

Over the summer the LEAP website has had an (enforced) remake. Please take a look – ewhurstleap.org.uk – and pass on any notices or items of interest to add to it. Richard’s wonderful parish rambles are all there too.

I hope to see you on Saturday. Please keep in touch if you can’t make it.

All the best,

New LEAP website!


This is the new LEAP website. I am trying a completely new system and I am still making some changes, adding blogs and pictures but if you have anything you would like to share please pass it on to me, by email (mail@EwhurstLEAP.org.uk) or any other way. You can also send any comments to me by replying below.

A better new photo would be good! Views of or from the hills? The pond with wildflowers? If you have one you would like me to use, please send it in.

Quiet June for LEAP

It was a quiet month last month, with little traffic and virtually no aeroplanes.  It has been lovely for the wildlife, as exemplified in Richard’s articles on the LEAP blog (Coming soon).

I hope the quietness will continue, and that you are all well and able to enjoy it too.  The Ewhurst LEAP working party will be having a month off, maybe more, while the current pandemic is so prevalent.

I hope that we can resume soon, or find suitable work that we can do separately, in the coming months.  I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Litter Pick and Cemetery Tidying

I hope you are all well.  Despite the lock-down, at the beginning of this month a few of us from Ewhurst LEAP, and a larger number from Ellen’s Green, went litter picking for our weekend exercise.  We did not meet each other, but coordinated which roads were done.  Around Ewhurst these included the Shere, Peaslake, Holmbury and Ockley Roads, and the Ellen’s Green group did quite a few more.

Next month (in fact on Saturday 2nd May) Joanna has suggested that we clear up around the graves in the Civil Parish cemetery behind the Village Hall car park.  We should be able to do this and keep well apart.  Unfortunately you will have to bring your snacks and coffee with you.  It would also be better if you bring your own tools, and that we spread ourselves over the whole of Saturday.  If you want to borrow the (uncontaminated) LEAP tools I will be there with them at 10am.

If I don’t see you then, I wish you all safe and well for the rest of May.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything LEAP can help with, either personally or for the Village as a whole.

Wildflowers in the verge

Wildflowers in the verge, Mapledrakes Road

Here is a link to a list of all the plants found in the verge outside Leabrook this spring and summer. The original seeds were donated by relatives, neighbours and Ewhurst LEAP. Unfortunately the summer is over and most of the plants have been cut down to let their seeds settle on the ground. Hopefully they will come up again in the spring!

Many thanks to Anne Barrett-Lennard and friends for the list.


I hope you have all enjoyed the generally good weather over the summer. The recent rains and mild weather have meant that many paths are overgrown again!

For our 6th October working party, we will be tidying the paths in Ewhurst Green, to the west of the main road, towards Old House and Slythehurst. These are FP371 and FP440, which were noted by James as needing some clearing. If we have time we can check FP439 too.

Please bring your own gloves (and tools if you want). If coming by car I suggest you park beside the Cricket Ground on the Horsham Road.

I will be at the Cricket Ground at 10:00am on Saturday, and we will finish at midday as usual. At the moment the rain over the weekend is predicted for Saturday afternoon – let’s hope it doesn’t come earlier!

September working party

This Saturday morning we will be widening a footpath (FP 428) that Jean recently told me about. It has been almost cut off by a new fence and encroaching blackthorn. The path leads from the Ockley Road, on the way out of Ewhurst, to Bramblehurst Farm. We cleared the path last winter, but this was before the new fence was put up.

We will meet just before 10am on Saturday 1st September outside my house: Leabrook, Mapledrakes Road, GU6 7QP. I’ll have the LEAP tools, some snacks and coffee; we’ll finish at midday as usual. If you have any please bring your own tools too. For those that are unfamiliar with the path or my house here is a map:

Extract of map of Ewhurst

We have had a lot of positive comments to the work done with Sayers Croft and the DofE participants (pictured here), I have passed them on to Sayers Croft but thanks again to all that helped. I am planning a different session with the October half term DofE group, but this can’t be confirmed yet.

Sayers Croft, DofE and LEAP team

LEAP/Sayers Croft collaboration

It was nice to see so many of you at the Carnival, and thanks too to those who helped. There was a lot of interest in the books and the wildflowers from around the village pond. The free wildflower seeds were also very popular.

Despite some delays and a few setbacks, our first LEAP/Sayers Croft/Duke of Edinburgh student collaboration will be taking place on Wednesday afternoon (22 August). It would be nice if some of you are available and can help.

The DofE students are working towards the Gold medal by helping to resurface the muddiest parts of the path to the woods behind Mapledrakes Road. Surrey County Council have agreed to deliver the scalpings, and Sayers Croft are looking after the DofE students and providing the equipment for them.

The scalpings have also been allocated by SCC for us to resurface parts of the path from Rectory Close to the Church.

The pile of scalpings for resurfacing will be delivered to the end of Williams Place, and I will be filling a trailer with some of it for Rectory Close.

Any scalpings left will need to be moved, although I hope there will not be much! If there are some left I would also like some help on Saturday – I’ll send out another message if I do.

If you would like to help on Wednesday, I will be at the end of Williams Place from about 1pm. Please bring shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows!