Cobblers Brook Pollution

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If you have not already seen it, please read the following announcement from the Parish Council about pollution in Cobblers Brook:

On a happier note, Richard has written a few more wonderful Rambles, including one about Cobblers Brook earlier this summer.  I have put them on our website.

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  1. From the Parish Council:

    After extensive further investigations, there has been a great deal of work carried out by Waverley District Council, together with the Environment Agency and Thames Water with input from SCC

    It has now been discovered that there are a considerable number of problems and the investigations are extensive and covering a very wide geographical area. It has become very complex. It is likely that this is going to take a good deal of time to resolve unfortunately, involving a variety of issues that have been discovered.

    There is due to be a further ebulletin sent to subscribers very shortly. Onward bulletins will be sent when there are further matters to report. Please encourage anyone concerned about this matter to subscribe to the parish council e-Bulletin so they can be informed.

    Subscribe to our E-Bulletin—latest-news

    Understandably this problem is resulting in a mass of communications and it should be remembered that the Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers and are all doing their best to keep abreast of the situation and the emails and phone calls they are receiving.
    All avenues are being explored to remedy the issues as soon as possible.

  2. From the Ewhurst email Bulletin:


    Although remedial work has not physically started on the problem with “smelly grey water” there will hopefully be a cooperation between Waverley Borough Council, Thames Water and Surrey County Council to ensure that all necessary work is done and a clean-up operation to follow in order to ensure that all is clear down to the brook.
    Much behind the scenes planning is going in to this project to ensure satisfaction.
    This will not happen overnight as there is much to do, but please rest assured that there will little or no Covid-19 delay and the powers that be are very keen to ensure a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible.

  3. From the Ewhurst Parish Council Bulletin:

    Update on our drainage problems
    from Waverley Borough Council.

    “The drains were jetted and dye tested last Thursday from Bramble Court through to the Avenue. There were 2 minor blockages on the run which have been dealt with. The dye test got all the way through from Bramble Court to the Avenue. We are negotiating a start date to deal with correcting the offending connections this should happen within 2 weeks or sooner. There has been 2 significant building projects completed by private residents in “The Glebe” and both were very helpful with access and recent knowledge of drainage information, their drains are in fine condition. The contractor didn’t find any other offending connections. I hope once the corrections have been made and we leave a period of perhaps two weeks and take a further water sample we will know if we have a solution to the problem.”

  4. Evening, do we know if cobbler Brook is safe now. I have seen the signs still up recently but am not sure if it still an issue. Thank you

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